Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still breathing

It's been a long time since I have wrote, I check a lot of blogs and read them and then just never take the time to write. Work 3 12hr shifts, while most of you sleep I am trying to save lives. Lately I have had very sick patients and some have passed on. It was really neat one week I had the opportunity to help a family say goodbye to their loved one, what was so nice is that he knew Jesus and the family had the hope that he was going to heaven to suffer no more.

Adoption update....PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!

We are looking into some different agencies and some different options for adoption.
God has placed some people in our lives to help get the process rolling again and make sure we are doing everything we can. I am reading Hannah's Hope right now and it is about a women who has grieved the loss of not having children.

God continues to grow us through the waiting.

Joey's business is going well. He has jobs and people are satisfied with his work

Also, last week I found out my husband wasn't covered on my insurance by my error and we were told I would have to wait another year to get him covered.
Well after prayer and giving it to God.
Monday I made some calls and He is covered now.
Another Praise.

Thanks to all those who blog, I enjoy reading your thoughts.
Sometimes they encourage me a lot.