Sunday, October 11, 2009

Change, Change and more Change

Well after 2 years of the adopting process and though valleys and mountains.....


Thank you for all your prayers and support!

I am feeling pretty well except some nausea in the morning. We had our first ultrasound over a week ago and everything is looking good, we got to hear the heartbeat, that was pretty amazing.

We closed on our new home a few weeks ago and are doing some painting and minor changes to the home before we move in.

Yesterday, we had to put our cat Lucky to sleep because he had become very sick and the cost of trying to make him better would have been too much for us to pay.

For those of you who have ever lost a pet you know what I mean when I say they become part of the family, it was sad but life goes on. We still have peaches who keeps us entertained:)

I will keep you all updated, continue to pray as I know you will.

We leave tomorrow for a short trip to Michigan for a marriage conference looking forward to it.

Have been working for occupational health giving flu shots and on Thursday have an interview for a Surgical coordinator position that would be less stressful than my nursing position on the heart floor and I wouldn't have to lift more than 30 lbs.

God is good and He keeps showing me that daily.

Love ya all,