Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hello to the blogging world.

I seem to have time to read other's blogs but no time to write my own. Since it has been a 11 months I thought I should write:)  So an update on life... I work part time on the IV team at the new parkview hospital in Ft. Wayne. It really has been a good change. NO MORE NIGHT SHIFT!  3pm to 11pm 3 evenings a week. Lee is going to be 2... where did time go? So many people told me it goes fast and as I look back over the last 2 years I now know what they are talking about. In 6 weeks Lord willing I will give birth to Lee's embryo blood sister. Pregancy has gone good for the most part. Although 2 kids will be an adjustment, I am ready or not.

Lee is talking up a storm, and loves to go fishing with daddy. He also has been in a big boy bed now for 2 weeks, besides falling out the end once and locking himself in the bedroom. Things have gone pretty smooth.

Love ya all, thanks for letting me see into your lives through your blogs.

Till next time,