Saturday, January 16, 2016

Well after 2 years of not posting I decided today to start writing again  the picture is of our 9 week old  puppy golden retriever her name is Lucy  lee is five and a half and Lily is 3 and a half  the last year has been  really hard for our family I was injured really bad in a car accident  that could have killed me  but just left me with a broken  pelvic and left arm  that has a metal rod in it now.  been doing pretty good  the thyroid cancer  so far as we know is gone I have an ultrasound February 16th  and I've been doing well on the thyroid medicine so that is a praise  otherwise life keeps going on lee is halfway tthrough kindergarten at DeKalb Elementary  and doing well. Lily keeps busy playing with her doll babies andlibrary story hour.
Till next time, Holly


sarah.flyingkites said...

So glad you posted! I've been wondering g about your health -- so glad to hear things seem to be good!

Love you! Your kids are darling!

Jane said...

I miss you friend! Come visit us sometime.